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what do you mean men can’t rock handbags? 
have you never seen newsie a rock a satchel?

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Posters from various regional and community productions of Next to Normal.

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Behind the Mask - The Making of Toronto’s Phantom of the Opera

Documentary by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, ca. 1989

An in-depth look at the making of the Original Canadian production of The Phantom of the Opera by the CBC. Featuring interviews with the cast, production crew, and creative team behind the production. Detailing the rehearsal process, the restoration of the legendary Pantages, and the work that goes into bringing the award winning mega musical to the Toronto stage. It also includes the promotional music video for the title track, featuring stars Rebecca Caine and Colm Wilkinson and shot on location on stage at the Pantages.

This brand new transfer is presented for archival and educational purposes only.

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